Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Landon, on the left, accurately portraying my Saturday
Some sorority girl I found to show me around
My eyes immediately open as wide as possible. I check my phone. 7:52 AM, Saturday October 8th. I'm late for my bus to UCLA by almost two hours. Cue panic and immediate scurrying. I run to my sister's room to see if I can take her car. She immediately says yes and I run into the shower, sit there for 15 seconds while brushing my teeth and then I get out and dry myself off. I throw on my clothes, grab my essentials, and pick up the keys from our counter. I race downstairs and glance at my phone. 8:06 AM. I jump into the car and drive towards Downtown SB to fill up my sister's 1978 Mercedes 300 D (its a diesel which is crucial to the story). I pull into Seaside Fuel Depot, run out of my car, open up the gas tank, and start the process of fueling. I glance at my phone and note that it'll only take me an hour and a half to get to my destination. Perfect. Soon enough I have successfully completed filling up my tank. I'm heading down Carrillo when all of a sudden I am called by my father who learns of my predicament via our family group chat which I had texted in earlier in the morning. He asks me the question which leads up to even more panic in my day. Did you put in Diesel. My heart starts beating, eyes dilate, and frantic speech ensues. I realized that I have done one of the worst things possible for a car. I flip a U turn right before I turn onto 101-Southbound and head back down Carrillo street and stopped at the first auto mechanic shop I see. I talk to him and he gives me a quote for 450 dollars. I tell my dad and he decides its too steep to be worth it. He decides to come down to Santa Barbara and fix it himself. A testament of his commitment and love for his family that I am greatly appreciative of. Its now been an hour since my waking up and I have already dug a huge hole. My sister graciously decides to buy me an Amtrak ticket to Westwood, again another testament of my family's love. I skateboard down to make my train at 9:20 that ended up being delayed. All the while my sister takes the bus and proceeds to take care of the mess I have left for my family.
Mikey has the best floor in all of So Cal
I board the train around 10:00 o'clock, two hours since waking up. Finally I've caught a break in my self made mess. I ended up sitting next to a UCSB student who was very kind and we made some great conversation all the way to my stop at Van Nuys, CA. I then decide to expedite my journey by skipping my layover of a bus and take an UberPool which was very cheap.In my Uber I experienced the last of my wrath caused by haste in the morning. I left my sister's skateboard on the train in the luggage compartment above my seat. I finally arrived at my destination, The Hill @UCLA where I met up with one of my closest friends from high school. From there she showed me around campus, her dorm, the dining halls, and many of the things I could have seen if I made it on time to the event I was originally supposed to come there for. However I very much preferred my ultra personal tour with my friend. I was even able to meet up with a lot of my other friends from high school which was very nice to see some familiar faces. As the day turned to evening I was handed off from my friend Emily to my other high school friend Michael. Michael was able to show me what his dorm life was like, one of the rec rooms, and what social/party life was like at UCLA. I ended up sleeping the night on the floor of his dorm which was surprisingly comfortable. I left early in the morning at 7am and made my way back to Santa Barbara via Amtrak. When I got back I was able to see my parents and help re mediate the mistake I made 24 hours prior. All in all I learned a couple things this weekend.
1. I have some amazing family whom I need to be more grateful for.
2. Remember to actually try and keep my wits about me in panic situations.
3. Make sure the volume on my alarm is actually on.
4. I have some great friends from high school (Shoutout to Mikey, Emily, and Landon)
5. Stuff happens. Just learn to accept it and move on.-My Parents

This weeks quote comes from every sassy person I know on Twitter.

"If you can't have me at worst then you do deserve me at my best."

I hope you read that as sassy as I wrote it,

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