Sunday, January 15, 2017

Back in So-Cal

My cousin Theo at SB Amtrak
Theo and I at the movie
This Past weekend was a very spontaneous/fast paced couple of days. To sum it up I'll break it up by day.

Friday: I took the trek back down to Santa Barbara with my friend's family and my cousin. We got in about 11:30 PM and stayed awake for an hour watching TV and then cacked out.

Saturday: The next morning my cousin (Theo) and I took the 10 o'clock train down to LA from Santa Barbara. From the Burbank train station we were picked up by Theo's fraternity brother and we headed over to Marina Del Rey to meet up with another fraternity brother. Marina Del Rey, if you don't know, is a wonderful little beach town in LA that has a LOT of boats. After sitting around and watching football we decided to get some in-n-out in Culver city and then we left for Hollywood.
La La Land's director (Left)
     The main reason we came to LA was for this. As mentioned in my previous post I loved La La Land. Conveniently, my cousin loved it equally as much as I did and knew of a La La Land event in LA where the director would be. So as a result I came down to So Cal a lot earlier than expected but let me tell you it was worth it. Seeing the movie (for a 4th time) was fantastic. But seeing the director and getting to hear him talk about the inspiration and everything behind the movie was the icing on the cake. Even more so it was at the famous Chinese Theater and being able to experience an event at such a historic place was phenomenal.
     After the movie we headed off to a little taco truck a little outside of Hollywood. Apparently people consider them to have the best tacos and town and after eating there I'd agree. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the truck but if I do remember I'll post it in a later blog. 
Marie and Emily
    At around 12 o'clock I texted my friend at UCLA (Mikey) and he invited us to his fraternity's social. The social itself was a very cool place and I met a lot of cool guys and gals. However the highlight of the night was easily seeing my favorite girls from high school, Marie and Emily. They came to the party and I was lucky enough to visit with them for a couple minutes. Soon enough the party ended and we made our way back to Mikey's dorm where my cousin and I would spend the night.

Sunday: The next morning we left UCLA at 9 and got to the Van Nuys amtrak station. Our train soon enough departed and low and behold we were back in Santa Barbara. Overall the weekend was fast and exciting and would defintley count it as one of the best in a while.

This blog's quote comes from La La Land
"Pishi kaka" -Ryan Gosling's character

You better see La La Land or I will freak,

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