Sunday, January 29, 2017

Family Weekend

Poppa and Momma E
Papa John enjoying an Island Bowl
This weekend was crazy. Let me paint the picture for you and really let you in on what you can expect on attendance at SBCC. So it's Friday (1/27) night, there was some crazy parties in Isla Vista, but there's was an even better party at the Amtrak Station. My mom arriving in town to visit. Not long after my dad arrived via car and soon enough the band was back together. Friday night was spent chatting it up as well as just making some homely conversation with a dash of Netflix. It was insane. Compliments, baked goods, and hugs were being thrown around the room left and right.
     So... You thought Friday was crazy? Well let me tell you about SATURDAY. So we slept in super late... until 9! Next we split up into two groups. Two dynamic duos. My mother and sister slayed the female team while my father and I joined forces as the dudes. My dad and I fixed the car (because that's essentially the main reason my parents come down), while my sister and mom got pedicures (cute right?). Soon after my dad and I were done so we test drove the car and did some scenic SB driving. We ended up at... Backyard Bowls on State Street (the day keeps getting crazier)! As two Filipino men, the concept of super high quality fruits and yogurts was a foreign concept. However, I'll have you know we were both delightfully surprised. 10/10. I highly recommend Backyard Bowls if you're ever in town and want to feel healthier than you really are. Around evening time the gang got back together to enjoy two things. 1) Japanese food via SBMenus. For those of you who don't know, SBMenus is a website that delivers food from popular restaurants in Santa Barbara at a decent rate. Another 10/10! Anyways... 2) A classic movie otherwise known as Rebel without a cause (1955). Super cool movie with a lot of action and drama. 7/10. As we finished our film and movie the night came to a crazy close at 10:00 o'clock. Let me tell you, I'll be catching on sleep for the next week going to bed that late.
A picture to mark the occasion never hurt
     As all Sundays are recovery days from crazy late nights, our Sunday was no different. Around 8 we headed over to a recommended restaurant by my sister, the Cajun Kitchen on Chapala. It is a super great place with an interesting twist on Breakfast.  Soon enough time progressed and we went back home to bid our final good byes. It was a very solemn occasion, knowing that no other weekend in the future could compare with this one. My parents departed at around 11:30 AM and I am still weeping. But in all seriousness it was a great relaxing weekend spending time with my family. I love them a lot and over the years as I've aged, I've really come to understand and become more thankful for them day by day.

This quote comes from me about 80% of the time I'm in SB,

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