Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My Art

Back before I started at SBCC during the summer of 2016 (that is officially now last year, weird) I used to make videos of all the little trips I went on with my friends. In a lot of ways it was me trying to capture and save those moments of my awesome high school experience. In other ways it was me trying my hand at my favorite form of art, filmmaking. I love everything involved with making a movie/video. The editing, the music, the shots.. There is so much you can do to keep an audience entertained while telling a story. So without further adieu I'll link a couple of my old videos on here. Who knows? Maybe y'all will get a vlog instead of a blog...

Picture from Yosemite/Spring Break 2016
This picture is super cool right?? It's actually a film snap my buddy Travis took of me and my friend Maverick. During Spring Break we did a lot of cool really small stuff and Yosemite was just one of many days spent staying busy.

Me and my lovely Senior Ball Date
This video recaps the culmination of my high school dances, Senior Ball. As you might remember I went to an all boys high school but we did indeed have a sister school. So this video portrays my time at both dances!

Me, Mererdith, Maddie, and Hailey 
During one of my friend's grad parties I found myself sitting next to the girl to the right of me, Meredith. During high school Meredith and I were friends but not very close. But as life goes chance put us next to each other. During this time we had a conversation of places we would like to go and she mentioned Yosemite. As soon as she said that I mentioned a date and that was it. We packed our bags and went less than a month later.


I made a video in collaboration with Make-A-Wish and Randle Communications (My friend's dad's company) over summer. The premise of this Make-A-Wish was that this boy, Ethan, had the dream of being a garbage man. So a skeleton crew team including myself and my friend Maverick followed this garbage truck the whole day and this video is the product of that. One of the best days of my life. Seriously. 

As somebody who liked videos way too much once said

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video is defintley more than that."


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