Thursday, January 19, 2017

Week 1 Done

A view that never gets old
 As a second semester freshman at Santa Barbara City College it is safe to say I'm basically the big cheese on campus. Being back Tuesday morning walking around it was easy to see the love and affection the people had for me. It almost got agitating in a way walking through campus and having sooooo many people ask me to sign their SBCC posters. It comes with the blog I'm assuming but I never really anticipated this.
     All jokes aside it is fantastic to be back. I'm more ready now than ever to take SBCC by storm. Now that I've been around for a bit I have a bit of a better feel for how everything works in our niche of the central coast. My schedule for this semester is looking very interesting. 

     There is not a single class on my schedule that I'm not looking forward to so academically I'm very optimistic for this semester! Although I do have about 6 classes in a row on Wednesdays so that might be a little mentally draining but I'm pretty confident in my ability to hang in there and resist the omnipresent urge to skip.
      A wise person (I don't know who that's why I'm going to go with person because it's ambiguous) once said "You can't score with a goal." So this semester I'm setting a couple goals for the semester.

(1) Maintain or elevate my GPA
(2) Get involved in Student Government or Ambassador Program
(3) Apply for Phi Theta Kappa
(4) Stay in fitness mode

Number one is a pretty universal goal for student's everywhere so I won't explain it. Number 2 is a bit more specific but I just want to be more involved with the school and student life. I think there are a lot of avenues to make your time in college more worthwhile and service for the fellow student is just phenomenal. When I was on student council in high school I loved coming up with an idea and seeing it to fruition and I would love to see it on a larger scale at SBCC. Number 3 is pretty straightforward, it's just another thing I would like to be a part of and fully intend on taking part in. Number 4 is basically just me saying I will continue to try and cut back on bad foods and partake in more excersise. More specifically it involves me running at the least every Tuesday and Thursday at La Playa stadium.
This blog's quote comes from Islamic poet Rumi who is strangely relatable to modern day life,

"I know you're tired but come, this is the way."


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