Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Santa Barbara: Where the Celebrities Come to Play

(Left to Right) Arrival, 13th, Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea, La La Land
     "Okay I get it. You like movies," said the blog reader as their eyes rolled. Yes, this blog is movie themed but it is centered around an event so HA. I'm totally allowed to post now. So last night I attended the Santa Barbara Film Festival's presentation of the Outstanding Director's Award. First off, fantastic. The director's there included Damien Chazelle (La La Land)(I'm in La-La-Love with him), Barry Jenkins (Moonlight), Kenneth Lonergan (Manchester by the Sea), Ava DuVernay (13th), and Denis Villeneuve (Arrival). The event was spectacular itself. I was actually privileged enough to sit next to someone (I went alone)(Insert Sad Emoji but not really because I'm an independent male) who enjoys screenplay writing as much as I do and was able to make some great conversation in regards to movies and how they get written. Will, if you ever find yourself reading this blog, you the coolest.
     The journey there was also a very enjoyable one. I took the bus from my apartment to State Street and as soon as I got there, made a beeline for the Hotel Santa Barbara. The Hotel was where the event HQ was being held and they had a really solid set up with some even better coffee. I got my tickets, got my coffee, got my event program and was out of there in 10 minutes; After that I had 3 and a half hours to kill so I decided to try and take in the State Street district of town that we are so well known for. I did a lot of browsing at some interesting stores and poked my head into areas I didn't even know existed (Museum of Art area). 
     After effectively killing 1 hour I had practically 2 and a half hours so I went to the library and let me tell you; that is one cool place. The library is very clean and modernized relative to the ones we have in Sacramento. They had a large array of newspapers and magazines (my kryptonite) but I must confess, the SBCC library is still better in regards to collection. After I finished catching up on all the news I've been missing out on, I quickly realized it was time to go find my place at the Arlington Theater.
    Once in line I made nice conversation with an SBCC computer application teacher whose name I can't quite recall. Soon enough, it was time and I found space in the middle of the theater 15 rows back next to a couple fellow freshmen at Westmont College in Monteceito. 30 minutes pass and I'm now permanently glued to the edge of my seat listening and watching my favorite director speak. As time passes each director gets their chance of alone time on stage with the interviewer and at the very end they all came together for a panel. 
     All in all I'm thankful for a couple things. The ability to go to the film festival monetarily (20 dollars). The ability to go because I live in freaking Santa Barbara (even on a raining day). And finally, Damien Chazelle's existence. 

This blog's quote comes from Damien Chazelle,

"I handle screenings and award ceremonies really bad."

Don't worry Damien.

You did perfect DC. You did perfect,

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