Monday, February 6, 2017

Studying:The SBCC Matt Edition

My Desk at Home... LA LA LAND YAAAAA
There is no right or wrong way to do it. If you're getting a good result then why fix it? Studying is easily the college student's favorite pastime. I mean, you're getting smarter and expanding your mind so obviously fresh out of puberty adults are going to just want to study. Indeed, it is my favorite pastime too. Now, let me give you a glance on how I do it. But let me give you a hint, it's a lot like real estate. Location, Location, Location.
     My primary place of casual study is at home. If I'm doing just a typical homework assignment or need to read a chapter for homework, my desk is definitely the setup. However it comes with restrictions. At home it is very easy to get distracted from all the fun technology you pay for to distract you. So what I typically try and do is put my phone in a different room, and leave my computer off if possible. Technology=Internet=Facebook=Watching videos like this . 
    When I have a big test or a large project to work on the last place I should be is home. So what I typically like to do is go to the downstairs-quiet section of the library. The place is so freaking quiet you can hear a pin drop. The amount of distractions down there=zero unless I happen to see a beautiful human, then I might be distracted but typically that doesn't happen (SBCC is way too attractive of a school #tangent). Oh right, studying...YA if I have to study for a big test what I'll typically do is read the chapter, take notes as if I'm reading it for the first time and just keep going over it until the test. Repetition is key. 
     Finally, another place I like to study is in class. Well not during class-class. I mean like right before class. You catch my drift? No? Okay.. ummm... Well. Okay... Okay so maybe you're a get to class 2 minutes early type of person. Instead of doing that, get to class 10 minutes early and go over the lecture notes from the last class meeting. That way the material learned a couple days prior will be back in your mind, ready to be added to. In my opinion this is the easiest yet most effective way to study. 
     Now why do I study in so many different places? Mainly because of the state of mind it presents. If I'm at home working then it gives it a casual feel. If I'm at the library it puts me in overdrive mode and I know I'm not leaving for at least two hours. Once you have locations set, the actual act of studying becomes easier. College should be treated like a job. An eight hour day is not bad at all relative to the 15 hours most people are awake. 

This blog's quote comes from the most important Filipino in all of history (I'm Filipino by the way)

"If you practice hard then the fight is easy."-Manny Pacquiao

Salamat(Thank you in Tagalog),

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