Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The New Digs: ASG Edition

Senior Year
Student governing has always been a part of who I am. Starting in fourth grade at my elementary school, I was in love with being a part of something that could better where you learn. From 4th until 6th grade I served as a classroom representative at my small Catholic school.

Post 1st Meeting
 It was fun, relaying the information back to fellow classmates on a weekly basis and establishing myself early on as a liaison between the bigger kids, their events, and my class. After 6th grade I ran and was elected for Vice President of my school, and then President the following year. There is nothing better than having an idea, making it a reality, and seeing how it can positively affect your peers. In middle school I rebooted an event called Olympic Day where students would compete/do fun outside activities for the day. Seeing that change was very satisfying and it set me up to want to continue that tradition at the next level.

My freshman year of high school I ran for class senator and that was somewhat of an interesting experience. It was within the first month of school and I knew about 1/4th of my class at this point. So on the fateful day, I went to my assembly and spoke about why I should be voted to represent my classmates. As fate had it, I was elected to this position my freshman year and kept it for the next three years.

My senior year I was elected to Publicity Coordinator (super grateful to the fact that I ran unopposed). Finally. My turn. Sitting on the executive board was my dream since the day I first walked in the doors at my high school. These were the guys that got stuff done. Being on that board was among one of the greatest privileges in my life. Over the years prior, the executive council started to wane in popularity as the overall culture of the school declined. However, under the new leadership by our new student life adviser, I'd like to think that we 180-ed that trend back into positivity. We as an executive council created new events, helped boost athletic event attendance, and effectively changed the culture of who we are and what the school stands for. I'm very much proud of all we accomplished and I knew that I wanted to continue this tradition at SBCC.

Now I'm less than a week in but already loving it. I've been staying busy, learning the ropes, and getting an idea of what concretely I want to address. As Co-Commissioner of Marketing I intend to broaden our outreach and centralize student life at SBCC to bring unity to the students. I'm very much excited to take this journey, but even more so to bring you along with me.

This quotes comes from the greatest philosopher of all time, Karl Marx,
"The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property"


I had fun today,

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