Monday, February 20, 2017

Why Sacramento?

City of Trees
  "Why did you leave?" I'm asked this pretty much on a weekly basis by all I make small talk with. And trust me there's a lot.  A lot of people know Sacramento, but they don't know anything about Sacramento. I truly think Sacramento is one of the best cities in the nation for a lot of reasons. Obviously I have a bias in that I grew up there, but I stand by it regardless. I bet you're asking yourself, why? Isn't there nothing to do in Sacramento? Well no, but let me show you why.....
Vamos Republic!
  First off we are a large city without the bad parts of being a large city. We have ample parking in downtown, large venues for major artists and acts to come, great diverse restaurants, and major sporting teams including the Sacramento Kings (I won't talk about them right now because I'm sad from losing our best player in an awful deal), Sacramento Republic FC (I worked for them for two years!), and the Sacramento River Cats (Best 10 dollar event you could ever pay for). Indeed, Sacramento has the charm of other similar sized cities such as San Diego, Austin, and Seattle. But it also has it's own unique flair. The City of Trees.
The City of Trees has been bestowed upon us because we literally have the most amount of trees per capita next to Paris, France. Growing up in Sacramento I never noticed it much, but after moving to wonderful Santa Barbara it became painfully obvious. Sacramento is truly a nature-y type of place. Within the city there are trees and rivers crossing all over the place. Although we get our versatile extremes during the winter (20-40 degrees) and summers (80-105), the trees provide beautiful greenery to look at and shade to take refuge in. I can think of a handful of awesome memories growing up where it was insanely hot, but sitting in a lawn chair with a cold soda and friends made it worth while.
Old Sacramento

The third and best part of Sacramento is the many micro-cities that lay within it. Each area of town has its own identity as an individual standalone place. For example: Midtown has an awesome art scene and diverse selection of restaurants, Downtown has beautiful old buildings and awesome parks, and Old Sacramento has a great number of small shops that range from movie props to costumes. Sacramento is Sacramento because of its ability to be offer you completely different microcosm communities within minutes of each other.

Nothing beats the view at Raley Field
So. Why did I leave Sacramento? Was it because of the beach, warm weather, and awesome party scene that enticed me to come to SBCC? Maybe. Was it the unparalleled education, student life, and transfer programs that SBCC has to offer? Maybe. What I can say is going away was one of the things that looked to be definite in my future. I believe if college students can, they should go away to get new perspective. Living in an unfamiliar place is challenging but an awesome experience. Forcing yourself to rebuild who you are and making a life in a new place is a rewarding experience. In regards to my love story with Sacramento I hope to raise a family there and make it my own once more.

This quote comes from my freshman (HS) English teacher who had us remember a series of quotes he thought would be important throughout our lives. I'm glad he did,

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time."-T.S Elliot

 Thanks Mr. Hancock,

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