Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Does God Exist?

Student Body President Dylan Raiman
Tonight the ASG and Honors Program (two organization I am a part of) hosted a debate between two professors I know pretty well, Joseph White and Mark Mcintire. They argued over the existence of God and pondered the question that has struck every single human at one point or another. The debate gave good reasons to believe in both sides, however I felt like that there was no true winner. From a philosophical point of view, arguments aren't a way to ensure your point of view but to further your knowledge and move closer to an answer. As I sat there watching the debate I asked myself this same question. Does God exist?

My partner, Lorenzo Marchetti (Commissioner of Marketing)

John Mackie says that it is illogical to believe in an Omniscient (all knowing), Benevolent (all good), and Omnipotent (all powerful) God. These are the core assumptions in most theistic religions and I, as well as Mackie do find issue with all. If God is Benevolent why is there evil in the world? A defense to this could be "so that we know that there is a difference between good and evil." However why does there need to be genocide and killer diseases to prove this point? Why is there war? A defense to that could be that because God gave us free will because he loves us. The Mackie response is that why couldn't God have freely willed us into doing good? If everything happens for a reason, why couldn't everything that has ever happened been for the benefit of all? God is all-knowing, so there has to be a good reason to believe that God could formulate a grand plan because in God's vision, there are infinite realities.

On the flip side of that same coin I think of all the good times religion has brought me. It gave me happiness and hope when I didn't have any. Church was a place where I felt at home growing up and through today. In a way, I'm not sure  where I really am. I still enjoy going to church. I enjoy the concept of a God or "Abba." I always seem to come back to one conclusion that is more firm than others. If something makes me feel good, makes me happy, then so what if it isn't real? Why question the nature of being itself?

As of now I sit cradling a line of half believing in the religion I grew up with, and the other half is pondering the idea of atheism or a deistic view. Either way, I probably won't figure out what I truly believe in for a very long time.

Although I don't know what to believe, there is one thing I can be certain of,

"I think therefore I am."- Descartes

Political Science and Philosophy is the best combo of majors,

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  1. Thanks Matthew. Your blog is insightful and well formulated. Too bad we didn't get into the question of 'religion' which is a very different question form 'the existence of God'. Perhaps ASG can tap other professors to drill down on the question: CAN YOU HAVE GOD WITHOUT RELIGION? Should fill the house again. Sorry we had to turn so many students away...more than 100 could not find a seat in the Forum. Perhaps we can add two adjacent rooms for live streaming in the future. We will do this for all future SBCC Faculty Colloquia. ASG Commissioner of Academics Cristian Walk is indispensable to the success of our Colloquium. President Dylan Raiman has established quite a legacy supporting our academic debates and colloquia. --- Professor Mark McIntire