Friday, March 24, 2017

Fire or Shooter?

Isn't George such a dreamboat? (Out of Sight 1998)
A siren is going off. My pupils dilate. I frantically look around at the people sitting next to me in an effort to better understand what I should be feeling. Their looks are just as unsure as mine. People frantically get out of their seats and start taking cover behind the backs of their chairs. I recollect my thoughts trying to straighten away what exactly has happened. Just 20 seconds ago I was watching some heist movie with George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez in my Film Class. Now I’m huddled behind a chair taking cover from an assailant?
 I look to the side of the classroom and notice that it isn’t the fire alarm going off. In a state of adrenaline, my conclusion along with the rest of the class is there is a shooter on campus. The teacher after almost a minute finally takes leadership and starts evacuating the classroom. Nerves have calmed and people start to realize that nothing extreme is happening near us. It can’t be an attacker and it isn’t a fire. So what is it? As we exit the pitch black, siren-filled classroom, a large crowd of people have convened on the patio of the Business Communications building. I notice that everyone is looking up to the sky at a lot of clouds. Maybe a natural disaster? My gut said no as the clouds looked like just clouds.

Another 5 minutes pass and everyone is completely chilled out, I finally hear the word that it was just the power going out that set off the alarm. Class got canceled and I went home when I heard the most important words that day via phone call “…blah blah blah… CLASSES CANCELED FOR THE REST OF TODAY” Words have never been sweeter as I had a midterm that next morning. So, to the palm tree that successfully put all of SBCC’s power out. THANKS I OWE YOU ONE.

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