Thursday, March 30, 2017


Isn't she a beauty

"What are you doing this Summer" is the most common question students get asked during the tail end of the year. Regardless of age, this question bottles in essence where a student's priorities lay. Some choose to work jobs pouring soda pop at the fountain down on Main Street. Others choose to not do, and hang with friends(practically what I did every year prior to 2016). This Summer, I have chosen to intern in the Capitol for Assemblyman Phillip Chen. 

Assembly Floor
First off, I'm ecstatic. The internship will include analyzing bills, sitting in on committee/assembly meetings, interacting with constituents, and of course- answering the phone. Today I had a meeting with my future mentor/superior who will guide me through the Summer and teach me the ropes of the State Legislature. Let me tell you, I am beyond excited. Walking through the Capitol today and seeing the Assembly Chamber, historical dome, and the grandiose statues puts such a big smile on my face. As of now I think my future lies within the State Capitol but I guess I'll get a much better idea this Summer if this is  indeed what I want to pursue. 

Go Aggies! (Maybe)

Second off, I have decided for sure that I will TAG into Davis due to its close proximity to the State Capitol. That way I'll be able to intern throughout my upper division years of college (if I don't get into UCLA or Cal) during the school year as well as in the Summer. I also just find that I really feel as if I fit in there when I walked through the campus during Fall Semester. Also the stellar Political Science program doesn't hurt either.

Third and lastly, Spring Break has been a crazy fun time and I'll be sure to update y'all Sunday at the close!

This week's quote comes from everybody who asked me about coming back to Sacramento for Spring Break,

"Why would you leave Santa Barbara during Spring Break."


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