Friday, April 7, 2017

Being Sick in College 101

Me losing a Pint of blood
"Why do I always donate blood," I mutter to myself as I lay in my bed with three blankets on top of me. I've got the chills and I can feel my body going to crap. Over the past three years I have basically always donated blood in the month of April. As I saw the blood donation companies truck on campus this week, I figured that my time in Santa Barbara would be no different. I think it's a good thing to mentally overcome the fear of donating blood for a greater good which is what I'm all about. However, every time after, my immune system always seems to go and I get sick. This time around was no exception.

Being sick in college is really its own circle of hell according to Dante's Inferno (not actually but exaggeration never hurt anybody right?). This week I stayed home, used tissue after tissue, and took shower after shower. However I have found two things that work personally for me when I'm sick.

1) Pho soup. Pho (pronounced Fuh) is a Vientamese soup that is a very-very popular among the Asian communities. Growing up my father always brought us pho soup when we were sick and it never failed to make me feel somewhat better. It is easily the best tasting soup but beyond that it has other properties that clear up the sinuses. Especially if you add hot sauce/spices to it.
The Elixir of the Gods: Pho Soup

2) Sitting out in the Sun. I remember when I was 6 years old I had the flu one summer. I felt awful and was bed ridden for a little bit. One day, my dad had me sit out on our front porch together during the hot Sacramento summer heat (90 degrees farenheit on average), I swear to you that was the moment I decided I loved the heat.

Beyond these random family remedies

prescribed by my father, I have other small remedies that tend to help out in the short run. The salt water gargle is always good for the mucus drip that goes on in the throat. Zicam is amazing if you start taking it before you get sick, the zinc is what counteracts whatever gets you sick (scientifically proven to be effective), and finally 7-Up soda. My mom always bought us 7-up when we were sick and I have to agree that it is the best for when you feel like you can't drink anything.

This blog's quote comes from Ferris Bueller's Day Off,

"How could I possibly be expected to handle school on a day like today?"

Out of the context of that movie it totally works,

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