Sunday, May 7, 2017

Next Year Preview

My future room ate Sam in the middle

Hello party people! This is one of my last blog posts for the 2016-2017 school year! I figured before a year in review blog I would let you all know what my plans are looking to my second and final year at SBCC.

I'm just using this picture again because I love it
Starting in July, I will be moving out of my shared apartment with my sister on the Mesa. As my father put it "It is time to cut the umbilical cord." This week marks the last week I'll ever live with my sister again which is sad considering we have a pretty solid record at 18 years straight. However, it is not personal or conflict driven or anything, it is due to both of us wanting to get a bit more independent in college considering that is what college is for. As I am moving out of my apartment on the Mesa I will be moving to Isla Vista next year where I will be living in a double with one of my best friends from high school, Sam. I'm very much excited for the change of scenery and lifestyle as my first year was one of relative quietness and status quo.

My roommate Sam everyone
Beyond my living situation for next year, in regards to student activities I will be continuing to serve on the Associated Student Government at SBCC as Vice President of External Affairs. I'm super lucky and blessed to have been elected by the students to this new position and I firmly intend to follow through on my campaign promises such as the implementation of menstruation hygiene product dispensers on campus and drafting at least one state wide resolution a semester. I also will be serving on the economics club leadership board as well in hopes of continuing the excellence that the club started this year in regards to awesome events and socials for economics majors and political science majors alike.

Finally, I will continue on my Honors Program path in hopes of transferring to UCLA or Berkeley in the Fall of 2018. Next year is looking like it will be a busy one between bus rides to school, more responsibilities on campus, and looking to finish up the Honors Program. However, my prediction will be that my second year will be my favorite year of college by far (at SBCC).


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