Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Year One in Review

The boys Cristian on the left and Nick on the right
I'm sorry to announce that this is my last blog... FOR A COUPLE MONTHS WOOOO. SEE YOU ALL AUGUST OF 2017! But for this blog I figured I would throw in a quick year in review (1/2 way done)!

Fall Semester of 2016
School-hosted Presidential Debate was def a highlight 1st semester
All-in-all my first semester was not what I expected. Coming to Santa Barbara I was expecting a party every night but in reality I didn't go out too much. I never really had a consistent friend group and school was a lot harder than I expected. However, there were also a lot of good things about my first semester. Through the Economics Club I met my best friends Cristian and Nick and I started to hit my stride socially towards the tail end of last semester. I also visited a couple colleges first semester and came upon the idea that UCLA is for sure my number one school after having such a great time visiting with my friends Emily and Mikey. I've also decided to have UC Davis as my safety school in case UCLA or Berkeley don't go through (Go Aggies!?). Fall semester of 2016 gets mixed reviews from this guy but it definitely was a decent way to start off college.

Spring Semester of 2017
UCLA or Davis Fall of 2018?
Spring Semester gets way better reviews from Matt Esguerra. As soon as I got back from winter break I applied for Commissioner of Marketing on the Associated Student Government, got it, and found my real niche on campus. Student government has been something I've been a part of since 2008 and I've always found the group in it to be highly motivated which I really enjoy. Student government at SBCC is no different and I can easily say that joining it was the best decision I've made at SBCC. I also found more of a consistent group of like-minded individuals to hang out with which made second semester all the better. This semester is/was pretty rough academically as I took 17 units. It's a lot to handle but in the end I think I'm looking pretty okay GPA wise. Besides that, I met some really awesome people through being much more involved on campus which has made SBCC feel less like a school and more like a home (shoutout to the honors program, economics club, and student government).

To end this blog I would like to share a quote that I was asked to memorize in my freshman year of high school by my English teacher.

"We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."-TS Elliot

No truer words have been stuck in my brain for 5 years. Keep on exploring,

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