Sunday, September 24, 2017

How to Graduate in 2 Years SBCC Social Sciences

2 years too short :(
Many people at CC's across the nation mourn the fact that they're going to spend more than 2 years at community college. It's understandable. People are typically promised two years at a California Community College and many people I know end up spending more time than that. There are several reasons behind the low 2 year graduation rates, it includes but is not limited to: taking classes to re-mediate gaps in education, being a STEM major where the major prep required to transfer is a lot more than the average non-STEM major, and not taking the right classes. Unfortunately for the first two, you'll probably be looking to spend 3 years at CC due to the circumstances of your situation. For those of you who might happen to be a non-STEM major and in decent academic standing you're in luck.

The first key to graduating on time is taking General Education classes your first semester and those only. Many students, around 50% change their major once they start college. A lot of this is done during the first year. In fact, I was originally an Economics major, then a Communications major my first semester, and then finally a Political Science major (I'm done changing!). I know way too many people that take a lot of their major preparation their first semester and then end up changing majors causing them to be set back a serious amount. Due to the major prep overload, students will have used class blocks in a way that is not as efficient as it can be. 
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The second key to graduating on time is developing an Educational Plan with an academic counselor at SBCC. These counselors will help plan out your whole year in the most efficient way as possible, ultimately bringing you long term success with your goals in mind. I know that going to a counselor my first semester really helped clear the fog that is getting classes in college. They sat down, saw my transfer goal, and told me every class I have to take from start to finish at SBCC. Having your future written out on paper is a great way to visualize what you need to get done during your 2 years.
The plan from last year I am using now

Another huge reason people don't graduate on time is not taking 15 units a semester. To graduate from a CA Community College, you need to have completed 60 units total. An easy way to achieve this is by taking 15 UC/CSU Transferable units a semester. If you take 15 units each semester for 4 semesters(2 years), you are set to reach 60 by the end of the fourth. Even if you do take it easy a semester or two, re-mediate this by taking summer school. This could be done physically at SBCC, at another community college, or even online through SBCC. 

All-in-all, 2 years at Community College is achievable. It's all about having clearly defined goals when you first start at cc, and then taking all the steps necessary to make the path to those goals clear as possible. 

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